What is a brown field project

At the center of the "BUNNT" project was a network development process that was organized by NGOs from the Beja, Jendouba, El Kef and Siliana governorates, i.e. by NGOs that are active in the areas of nature and environmental protection.

To prepare for this organizational development process, there were exchange meetings that took place in November and December 2018 - one in Tunisia to explore potential and one in Germany to explore existing networks. A training course for NGO representatives took place in January 2019 to convey methods and instruments for networking.

The self-organized network development process consisted of a future workshop at the beginning in March 2019, followed by working group workshops to develop a strategy and a strategy conference at the end in June 2019.

Over 70 participants had registered for the strategy conference and worked for a whole weekend on common objectives and on the upcoming tasks for the protection of nature and the environment in north-west Tunisia. At the end of the strategy conference, a network statute and a common vision were formulated, which were signed by 45 NGOs as founding members.

At the end of June 2019, the final conference took place in Tunisia, where the project results were presented and the project was evaluated.

Exchange meeting for young adults on environmental and sustainability education as well as professional orientation in sustainable professional fields, especially in eco-tourism and nature conservation in the Hanover area and in the Berlin / Brandenburg area

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