What is the best nonviolent horror film

TV Horror Guide (May 21-27, 21)

In 2021 there is little going on on the streets, in the pubs, in the clubs, at the festivals and so Netflix and the like have become more important than ever.
That's why we threw ourselves into the services of the streaming giant again and put together a good mix of thrillers / horror, bloody / exciting, fast / slow, old / new of films that you should have seen.

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The resurrection of the devil is imminent and the signs are increasing. Only a few students can prevent the terrible from happening in an old church.
THE PRINCES OF DARKNESS is not John Carpenter's most famous film, but it is great anyway.
(You can find more information in our review of THE PRINCES OF DARKNESS)


Blind people are mostly the victims in the film. This is how the three burglars who enter a blind man think. But he turns the tables and doesn't want to let the cowardly thieves get away.
Excitement is guaranteed here.
(You can find more information in our review by DON’T BREATHE)


Anyone who thinks that ballet cannot be put into a psychological thriller has never seen BLACK SWAN.
The Oscar-winning film shows Natalie Portman as a dancer with an unstable psyche.
(You can find more information in our review from BLACK SWAN)


Although this adaptation shows Count Dracula as a lovesick vampire, Francis Ford Coppolas is arguably the closest to the novel. The film is a frenzy for the senses and also casts a star.
(more information can be found here)


A supposedly non-violent raid turns into a bloody spectacle in which Chip only really learns what his girlfriend Liza is capable of. 68 KILL is little known, but it is a bloody grotesque full of weird figures.
(You can find more information in our 68 KILL - Review)



Yuppie Patrick Bateman lives out his violent fantasies in a world of superficialities. AMERICAN PSYCHO is a wonderfully ironic swan song for the high society of the 80s and Christian Bale in his job-son role is probably not too reminiscent of Donald Trump.
(You can find more information in our AMERICAN PSYCHO - Review)


You hardly have to say anything about SEVEN. Two dissimilar police officers are chasing a serial killer who murders after the Seven Deadly Sins. David Fincher's thriller is a dark, rainy nihilistic masterpiece. (more on this in the SIEBEN review)


After SEVEN, director David Fincher took a liking to serial killers and filmed the real case of the Zodiac killer here. The film doesn't exactly burn with suspense, but is a good preparation of the events and with Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. heavily occupied.


Fritz Honka was also a real serial killer and “The Golden Glove” was his favorite bar.
The film shows in a realistic, disgusting way how far down you can get. And when the credits roll, you want to take a shower right away.
(You can find more information in our THE GOLDEN GLOVE - Review)


8MM also has a personal relationship with SEVEN, because Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the script for both films. 8MM was not quite as sinister as SEVEN, but the subject of snuff films is unpleasant in itself.


The underrated director Jim Mickle is always good for a good genre contribution. Whether WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, VAMPIRE NATION or a time travel thriller like SHADOW OF THE MOON.


The Scandinavian NEXT DOOR is a little insider tip. Here a man is only supposed to help his neighbor briefly, but next door reality and fantasy mix.
The film is recommended for fans of the surreal.
(You can find more information in our review from NEXT DOOR)


THE CURED is (once again) proof that you can always tell something new in the worn-out zombie genre. In this film, the story begins after the epidemic has ended and the infected survivors return to normal. But that creates new conflicts, because who wants a neighbor who recently wanted to eat you?
(You can find more information in our THE CURED - Review)


Six people wake up in a futuristic facility full of rooms that change position and are stuck with deadly traps. While the different characters have to get along with each other (which will be difficult), they also have to try to outsmart the system.
(You can find more information in our CUBE - Special)


Whether you call them zombies or infected, the beasts of the two films don't give a shit (we do too, by the way).
The fact is that with Danny Boyle, of all things, NO typical horror director brought a breath of fresh air into the dusty zombie district and made the infected appear more threatening than ever.
28 WEEKS LATER is also running and is also worth seeing, but with the exaggerated helicopter scene it takes its own seriousness.
By the way: The film 28 DAYS is not part of the series 😉



Most parts of the series can only be endured with a roll of the eyes, but the first is a well-done film, which of course introduces us to Milla Jovovich as tough Alice.


Two friends go on a hunting trip to rural Scotland, but then a shot is fired that should never have been fired and nothing is as it was.
CALIBER impresses with its cold, wet atmosphere and understandable decisions made by its characters.
(more on this in the CALIBER review)


Ridley Scott's direction, Sigourney Weaver's acting and HR Giger's monster make ALIEN a timeless classic (more on this in the ALIEN review).
The equally strong part 2 is also running, as well as almost all other parts:
ALIEN 3 (solid); ALIEN - the rebirth (rather laughable); PROMETHEUS (a prequel that falls out of line but provides answers).

The first three parts of PREDATOR are running, whereby the original with Schwarzenegger is of course a classic of the action-alien-sci-fi film and offers testosterone-containing macho sayings in abundance.

There are also the two ALIEN VS. PREDATOR - Films,


You can say what you want about James Wan, but the man knows his audience and his craft.
With SAW, INSIDIOUS and CONJURING, he created three super successful franchises.
Stylistically, INSIDIOUS and CONJURING are similar, but while INSIDIOUS scratches an eerie dream world, CONJURING deals with the "ghost hunters" Ed and Lorraine Warren.
Also on Netflix: INSIDIOUS Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
In addition to the original, the CONJURING universe also includes Part 2, ANNABELLE COMES HOME and LA LLORONA.


Oriol Paulo follows in Hitchcock's footsteps and creates with THE INVISIBLE GUEST a thriller that is cleverly staged, in which everyone cheats on everyone and which offers high tension right up to the last minute (more in our THE INVISIBLE GUEST - Review)


After a cosmetic operation, the mother of two children is strangely changed, and not just externally.
Lukas and Elias try to find out what happened to their mother.
(more on this in the ICH SEH ICH SEH - Review)


With CLIMAX, Gaspar Noé once again created a border-breaking film that is certainly not pure horror, but contains horror elements in addition to drama, thrills and dance interludes. In addition, minute-long sequences can do without a cut. A typical Noé. (more on this in the CLIMAX review)


Before Adam Wingard shot the weak BLAIR WITCH and DEATH NOTE, it looked for a moment as if something could come of him.
Sure, no one should ask about logic at YOU’RE NEXT, but when a family is attacked by intruders at a family dinner, the viewer offers brutal entertainment.


It's not just the sometimes disgusting and vivid depiction of an unusual autopsy, not just the guesswork around the pretty corpse, not just the strong acting, not just the supernatural horror elements that make THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE a strong film, but also that great mix of all of this. (more on this in THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE review)


HAGAZUSSA is a quiet and rather dark witch film. The permanently dense and threatening atmosphere is mainly created by the score and the strong performance of the protagonist. There are hardly any dialogues here, but they are not necessary either, they would rather cause damage and take away the effect of the film. Not a work for everyone, but those who like films like THE VVITCH (which is also running) or Scandinavian productions will get their money's worth here.


Humanity is suffering from the zombie plague, Jesse Eisenberg has strict rules, Woody Harrelson wants a goddamn Twinkie and Bill Murray dresses up as a zombie ...
one of the best zombie comedies!


Last year we wrote that you only need one exorcism film anyway and we mean THE EXORCIST. EMILY ROSE'S EXORCISM is number 2 in the short list of significant exorcist films and is loosely based on the well-known German case of Anneliese Michel.


Director Mike Flanagan (OCULUS, DAS SPIEL) is one of the more interesting filmmakers in recent years. So far, STILL can only be seen on Netflix, which is why the film is receiving even less attention than the Home Invasion thriller deserves a deaf writer. (more on this in the STILL review)


The in-house production by four friends who get lost in the Swedish forests and are followed by a terrible presence, at first glance reminds of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, but manages without a wobbly cam, but with an equally ominous atmosphere and pretty landscape shots. (more about this in THE RITUAL - Review)


In the Netflix selection of 2017 we had EMELIE listed as an insider tip, but sorry, the babysitter in this flick is just even harder, leaves fewer questions and is more fun. (more on this in THE BABYSITTER - Review). Meanwhile, the sequel is also on Netflix.


In LITTLE EVIL, the newlywed Gary finds out that his stepson may be the Antichrist.
Eli Craig, the creator of TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, stays true to its line and with LITTLE EVIL manages to pick up on a number of cherished horror clichés and to incorporate them into a story in a targeted and humorous way, without being able to speak of a parody ... THE OMEN and around 50 other films send their regards.


The name says it all. Henry Rollins plays a taciturn loner who has walked the earth for thousands of years and has to protect the life of his daughter.
No classic horror, but a successful mix of violence, drama, fantasy and leaves you with a laugh or two.


The makers of TURBO KID take us back to the 80s and not only create a colorful retro world, but also remind us of THE WINDOW TO THE YARD or MY DEVIL NEIGHBORS.
In addition, the film has an end that has washed itself. (more on this in the SUMMER OF 84 review)


Definitely no horror, but a sinister character study mixed with enough thrill and a strong Jake Gyllenhall, who is making a name for himself as an unscrupulous tragedy photographer. (more on this in the NIGHTCRAWLER review)


If you are looking for a film in which blood flows from the first minute, body parts fly through the air and dialogue consists only of grunts and screams, then THE INVITATION is not your film. If you trust the slowly simmering tension within a (supposedly) harmless diner party, you should take a look. (more about this in THE INVITATION - Review)


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