Why don't you do things

21 things that not only you do secretly

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It is true!

1. Using literally anything as a blanket because you're too lazy to get up and get one.

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2. Fish a box out of the trash can because you forgot what was in the instructions.

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3. Hauling all of your grocery shopping at once because it is beneath your dignity to walk multiple times.

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4. Tidy up your room or car and throw away countless half-full water bottles with a guilty conscience.

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5. Having to read the backs of cleaning supplies and cosmetics in the toilet because you forgot to take your cell phone with you.

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6. Drop some ice on the floor and kick it under the fridge instead of picking it up.

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7. Pretend you got a message after realizing you were walking in the wrong direction all along.

8. Paint with your hands on your couch or carpet because you are dead bored.

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9. And decorate your phone screen with different prints of fat fingers.

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10. Leave a knife by the sink because you are not sure if you want more bread.

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11. And look in the refrigerator and find that there is nothing in it, but still do the same thing again five minutes later.

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12. With full confidence, tear off a scrap of skin next to your nail and then everything suddenly escalates.

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13. And if you get sunburned, try to peel off the skin in one large piece.

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14. Say the whole alphabet to see which letter comes before the other.

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15. And cheating on the date of a term paper so it doesn't look like you wrote it the night before.

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16. If you make a mistake on a letter, delete your entire password instead of simply correcting it.

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17. Turn the music down in the car so you can see better.

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18. And set the alarm clock to five-minute intervals instead of just waking up after the first ring.

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19. Put your hands in your underwear without any sexual ulterior motives when you are cold.

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20. Run to the microwave to turn it off before it hits zero and starts beeping.

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21. And pretend you want to buy something after asking the price when you know damn well you can't afford it.

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