What does KSDK stand for

KSK - the armed arm of whom ... for what?

The KSK is not only heavily armed militarily, but also politically. The KSK operates in secret. Their war missions are largely unknown, as are their acts of war

The Special Forces Command (KSK) is an elite unit of the Bundeswehr that was founded in 1996. The GSG 9 (Grenzschutzgruppe), which became something like the army inside, is used as a model. She made big headlines in the 1970s in the fight against the RAF (Red Army Faction).

The head of this paramilitary force was called Ulrich Wegener. Not only was he a highly decorated policeman, he was right-wing. How on the right did he demonstrate in a book that he published in 2006 together with Wilhelm Walther, a former lieutenant colonel of the Wehrmacht, and Reinhard Günzel, the dismissed former commander of the Special Forces Command (KSK), in the neo-fascist Pour le Mérite Verlag of the publisher Dietmar Munier: "Secret warriors: three German command units in the picture: KSK, Brandenburger, GSG 9".

Both the head of the GSG 9 and the head of the KSK understood each other in a (traditional) line with the "Brandenburger", a special unit of the Foreign Office / Defense of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, whose main task was operations behind enemy lines belonged to. Wilhelm Walther was "Brandenburger" and temporarily chief of staff of SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny.

Secret warriors

The KSK was and is also the answer to a changed geopolitical situation that resulted from the collapse of the Eastern bloc. The GDR as an alternative model to Deutschland AG imploded and immediately everyone in the united Germany stood on the mat and demanded "foreign policy normality". A considerate paraphrase for the desire to be able to participate in wars after such long years of excruciating abstinence, i.e. to finally be as imperialist as the others.

You don't just need the Bundeswehr for this. For this you also need a secretly operating force. There are also obvious reasons for this. It is rather unlikely that Germany will be attacked militarily, for which purpose the regular Bundeswehr and the US armed forces stationed in Germany would have to be. Waiting for such a case of defense makes one weary and impatient.

But it's also about wars that you start yourself, about wars you want to participate in, about acts of war abroad, for which there are many reasons, just no case of defense. And since you know and have signed UN international law, you know that wars of aggression are contrary to international law and can be prosecuted as war crimes.

How do you avoid this "dilemma"? One invents "defense reasons", especially very noble ones, in order to then wage war for completely selfless reasons. This warfare was given the name "humanitarian intervention" in 1999 and this was tried out in the long-awaited war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A little later the next opportunity to wage war arose when in 2001 in the course of "9/11" they wanted to be part of the global war campaign against terror. At that time it was up to the "Defense" Minister Peter Struck (SPD) in Orwellian style to "defend Germany in the Hindu Kush". This new definition of Germany not only meant that SPD politicians nodded their nod, but also German-national, neo-fascist forces who saw their time come to break up the post-war consensus "Never again Auschwitz. Never again war" in the truest sense of the word .

So if you are involved in wars of aggression - and this also applies to Afghanistan - then you are not protected by international law, but by potential war criminals. So you operate in secret as far as you can, just like the KSK does. You don't know what acts of war it is involved in, and consequently you can hardly hold it accountable.

The little that is known about the KSK's war operations is supposed to suggest something like "armed justice". According to the self-legend, the KSK was (and is) on the road in ex-Yugoslavia to track down war criminals and hand them over to justice. The legend of the KSK in Afghanistan is almost similar:

America is attacked on September 11, 2001 - it soon becomes clear that the United States will strike back in Afghanistan. Lieutenant Colonel Staub flies into the heartland of the Taliban, crouching as a liaison officer in "Camp Rhino", a dirt hole south of Kandahar. Meanwhile, 40 fighters and 60 supporters are preparing in a camp in Oman under the leadership of a US colonel. They land in Afghanistan in mid-December. "Landing there in the middle of the night, everything new, everything secret," says the ordnance disposal specialist Robert Siegmann, "that was my best moment at the KSK. Like Christmas." In Afghanistan, the Germans are working for the first time in a multinational coalition led by the Americans. Tracking down Taliban networks, destroying structures, digging weapons caches - these are the tasks.

Die Profis, stern.de from November 13, 2004

In both officially confirmed cases, the noble motives are intended to mask the fact that the KSK is involved in acts of war that violates international law in ex-Yugoslavia as in Afghanistan. Perhaps one understands better what this "secretly operating" troop is for. Its main purpose is to cover up serious criminal offenses.

If you know, now more than ever, that the war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was fought with war lies ("Pristina concentration camp", "horseshoe plan", "ethnic cleansing", "preventing a second Auschwitz") and massive war crimes (destruction of civilian facilities and the bombing civil infrastructure as part of biological warfare), then the KSK would not need to cross national borders to arrest war criminals in order to ensure "justice".

You don't have to be a military chaplain or military commissioner to find out that such a clandestine force, with such reactionary leadership and lawless "assignments" is "vulnerable" to what is called a "scandal" at least once every ten years to then to hold on to it even more efficiently.

The fact that the KSK is building on traditions that are also "cultivated" in the Bundeswehr to this day, which have a lot to do with fascism and the 1000-year Reich, is also due to the fact that almost everything that "leadership personnel" comes from the Third Reich survived, integrated into the Bundeswehr, the secret service, and the police.

This includes the "founder" of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) Reinhard Gehlen, former head of the Foreign Armies East (FHO) department in the Third Reich. His agent knowledge was just as much in demand with the Western Allies as his willingness to continue - which was not particularly difficult, since anti-communism was as much in demand as it was in the Third Reich.

But there is also more than right-wing, neo-Nazi sentiments in the KSK, which mixes into a highly dangerous mélange. Anyone in the KSK knows and feels that they can do what they want, that they are de facto outside the law, both in terms of the laws in Germany and international legal norms. This contempt is shared by neo-Nazi soldiers and superiors who are just doing their job. And that is exactly what holds and welds together what is only very weakly circumscribed by the corps spirit.

For a few years now, the scandals have been increasing again. This has nothing to do with what is actually happening in the KSK, but with the "coincidences" through which one should hear something of it. And as in the NSU case, the individual cases are increasing: You learn that KSK members are shouting Nazi songs, making the Hitler salute and throwing pig skulls. And thanks to taz research, we know that there are organizational and ideological connections to neo-Nazi networks (Hannibal), that the KSK location in Calw (Baden-Württemberg) is something of a "safe house" for these reactionary networks.

All of this has been known for years and - as so often and regularly - nothing happened. The then Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen found the pig skulls and Nazi songs to be "tasteless" ... "and, in spite of the 'posture problems' of individual soldiers, which were actually evident in this case, essentially left it at that within the army". (The KSK in battle against the enemy within, nzz.ch from 1.7.2020)

That was around 2017. The taz research published at the beginning of 2019 on the Hannibal network of a KSK member only stirred up a bit of dust.

And as luck would have it, while counting, the Bundeswehr discovered that more than 60 kilos of explosives had been "lost", which is probably so hard to notice because everyone can take something home from time to time.

A well-placed drop that should have overflowed the keg

A captain recently wrote to the current Minister of Defense, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. He denounces the "cadaver obedience" in the KSK, which internally trainees have "compared with that of the Waffen-SS". As a result, there would be a "culture of accepting illegal behavior" and a "toxic association culture" in which one quickly becomes a comrade if one does not share this spirit of the corps.

As I said, a letter to the defense minister. How do extracts get to the public? Why is the captain treated so kindly, even though he had not kept the official channels? Instead of being transferred as originally planned, he is not transferred to the "Reform Commission". It all smells like a well-engineered plan.

Even a defense minister named Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer doesn't need a letter from a captain to find out what is going on in the KSK. For years, since the founding of the KSK in 1996, the attitudes cultivated and valued there, the management structures have been known that swear by a lot, most of all by the Basic Law. A Stern report from 2004 states:

In Afghanistan we saw how disgusting US soldiers jumped at Afghans, kicks and butts were still harmless. You treated them like subhumans. The Germans had also seen the Americans flatten entire villages and tear out door locks during Operation Anaconda: Here boys, free to plunder. The high-ranking ex-KSK man says: The pictures of Abu Ghraib, the torture in Iraqi prisons, did not surprise me at all. Officially, the Ministry of Defense says that KSK soldiers only took a handful of prisoners in Afghanistan and let them go again. The truth is that we always had Americans with us when prisoners were taken. That's how they arrested the suspects, not us. Actually, German soldiers are not allowed to hand over prisoners to a country where the death penalty is imposed. Basically, it's a mess to send our boys in there with an unresolved legal situation, says the ex-officer.

Die Profis, stern.de from November 13, 2004

What is different now than with all previous and sat out "scandals" within the Federal Armed Forces, within the elite group "KSK"?

Iron broom and / or mop

As soon as excerpts of the letter have been made public, which is most likely due to a non-written instruction, one finds a lot of weapons, explosives, ammunition and "anti-constitutional writings", i.e. Nazis, in the course of a house search of a KSK member -Literature.

Now the top employer Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer really gets going: she will clean up with an "iron broom". The KSK's leadership structures will be examined and the entire force of around 1,600 soldiers will be targeted. That sounded pretty hard and unfamiliar. Is it all theatrical magic, is it all a big bluff?

Two things are striking and special about this excitement: One speaks de facto of a systemic problem, i.e. not - as usual - of a few black / brown sheep in an otherwise impeccable troop. It is said that "black / brown sheep" cannot be in the troop for so long and so safely if they are not covered or even encouraged by their superiors.

And then the Ministry of Defense speaks of a "practical test" for the KSK: If this is not used, the dissolution of the KSK cannot be ruled out. A remarkable "self-cleaning" offer.

This very special offer is reminiscent of a mafia dispute among "families". As a solution, the "family" concerned is offered to solve it themselves or they will just do tabula rasa.

In the following I would like to elaborate three theses, which will hopefully do justice to the special situation and perhaps also help to explain the very special "solutions".

The many traces that lead to the murder of Walter Lübcke

It couldn't be much crazier than the current situation: In the ongoing process in Frankfurt, a "lone perpetrator", Stephan Ernst, is held responsible for the murder of the CDU district president in Kassel in 2019. Stephan Ernst has no connections to Combat 18, he is not involved in any neo-Nazi structures. It has become more or less radicalized privately, which can then lead to murder.

Actual acts outside of the courtroom speak a very different language. They quietly coincide with all the research that vehemently contradicts the official version. Exactly what is kept out of the Lübcke trial is currently the focus: An "armed underground" that extends into the police and the KSK and ideologically brings together everything that unites reactionary, religious and fascist end-time prophecies .

So while a phantom trial is going on in the courtroom in Frankfurt, things are quite different "outside": In January 2020, Combat 18, a clandestine neo-Nazi group, was banned, although there would be no reason for it if one believed it to be true would that there was no trace of Combat 18 in the murder of Walter Lübcke.

The investigations into the nine murders of migrants (which were assigned to the NSU in 2011/12) had deliberately excluded a neo-Nazi background. Only the murder of Walter Lübcke forced the investigations to ask the following questions: Is there a neo-Nazi potential that not only threatens or even murders "left ticks" and migrants, but also attacks those from the "center"? who do not act right-wing enough, like the Kassel District President Walter Lübcke? Is there a neo-Nazi potential and a strategy that does not stop at the "system" and the "system parties"?

Only when one actually investigates in this direction does another consideration come into play almost automatically: Is there an increasing willingness within the police and the Bundeswehr to flirt with neo-fascist ideas and organizations?

The taz research on a neo-Nazi network led by a KSK member (with the code name Hannibal) and brought together exactly what is usually considered a bad crime story: a merger, confirm that precisely these considerations have not been considered in the dark of ex-soldiers, members of the KSK, (ex-) police officers, neo-Nazis and politically minded politicians. A union that is preparing for the X day when everything collapses. An association that does everything to ensure that the X day comes.

Very often neo-fascist strategies are only associated with the following: Fascists want to intimidate and beat the "left". And everything that is not German enough is to blame for everything. One forgets that there are two essential building blocks in this strategy. If the fight against the left and everything "Jewish" finds support, also in the ranks of bourgeois parties, then a very important phase comes into force: The pressure on those parts of the bourgeois / conservative camp that refuse to take these "radical" steps is increased. In the Weimar Republic, this led to targeted murders and attacks on bourgeois politicians, such as the murder of the former Reich Finance Minister Matthias Erzberger on August 26, 1921, the attack on the first Prime Minister of a democratically legitimized Reich government Philipp Scheidemann on June 4, 1922, or the murder of Reich Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau on June 24, 1922.

But fascism is not only trying to win its battle "on the street". Efforts to exert ever greater influence on the police and the army are of very central importance. Finding sympathizers and supporters there is not particularly difficult when nationalist and authoritarian attitudes are already firmly anchored. It is therefore not surprising that neo-Nazism / fascism never came to power against "state authority", but always with their help.

There is no question that today's conditions are nowhere close to threatening a right-wing / fascist coup. But it is quite understandable if you want to prevent a second "Lübcke" murder.Even at the Ministry of Defense, they know that you don't stop a train when it has reached its final speed, but when it starts when it is still far from its destination.

The KSK - the armed arm of the AfD?

In the past sixty years, racist, authoritarian and ethnic virtues have been spread across all parties: from the CSU / CDU to the FDP and the SPD. They were involved and the "yesterday" held back out of gratitude for these "refuges". But in recent years these "right-wing extremists" are increasingly leaving their emergency shelters. Many developments have contributed to this, not least the widespread view of finally drawing a "line" under the history of German fascism. Who would have thought that this very story would be declared "fly shit" and that one would also be elected to the Bundestag for it?

In the past ten years, many have left their shelters and defected in droves to the AfD. And if you take into account that a strikingly large number of the AfD feel comfortable and at home who were and are in the police and the Bundeswehr, then you understand the changed social conditions.

Immediately the AfD demonstratively stood in front of the KSK and rejected a "general suspicion" against the elite troops. That has a very special note when you consider that the AfD likes to attack the "system" but excludes its "protective power" from it, especially when it comes to the "elite".

So one can understand the fear and concern about the "political leadership" of this KSK. If the situation is getting worse, the question arises whether the armed forces are still loyal to the decisions of the government?

The threat of the "iron broom" is also very eloquent. But it also expresses that one is no longer sure of loyalty and that one enforces it again as long as that is politically possible.

A very soft broom? A mop?

Actually, it doesn't go together: On the one hand, you threaten the "iron broom", which sounds pretty ruthless and inconsiderate. At the same time, they offer a "maturity test" lasting several months, i.e. time for an "internal cleansing process".

An extremely shaky description of a very delicate problem: They want to take action against neo-Nazis, racists in uniform, rebuild the KSK, disband a unit. And at the same time the KSK members are appealed to to participate.

The reason for their inclusion is not at all noble. The KSK is not only heavily armed militarily, but also politically. The KSK operates - as described - in secret. Their war missions are largely unknown, as are their acts of war. In other words, they are de facto outside the national and international legal system. This is common in the "western community of values".

What if by "pure chance" such war secrets became public and the values ​​for which the KSK stands cannot be found again? For example in the covert war in Afghanistan, where the KSK carried out "operations" together with US elite soldiers?

In these almost 25 years of KSK, a lot has come together that one does not want to carry out in public. In order for it to stay that way, the KSK must also be treated in such a way that it is not "forced" to strike back. Of course, the Ministry of Defense knows this and that is why the "iron broom" is also something of a mop.

The problem is not just the KSK

The KSK is as little as the Bundeswehr out of control. It is subordinate to the political leadership and is "contained" and monitored by parliamentary control bodies. At least that's how it should be, if the law were to be followed.

Are these parliamentary oversight bodies not working? Do they not have enough power or enough will to exercise political control? It is a myth that they lack the means, the "weapons" to do so. As the legislature, you acquire the necessary "weapons" to enforce controls effectively and effectively. If that's by design.

So if this control failed, and that was what was said in the NSU case, then that was intentional! It's no secret that the gap between the right to control and "state secrecy" is intentional.

Klaus-Dieter Fritsche reminded the assembled parliamentarians (across all party lines) in the NSU case at the very beginning of their "educational work" on October 18, 2012 as a witness before the NSU committee in Berlin:

No state secrets may be disclosed that undermine government action. (...) The principle "knowledge only when necessary" applies. This is true even within the executive branch. If the federal government or a state government therefore decides in the case constellations I have mentioned that a document cannot be submitted to this committee or can only be blacked out, then that is not a lack of cooperation, but complies with the requirements of our constitution. It must be in the interests of all of us.

Klaus-Dieter Fritsche

Was there a contradiction against this "division of labor" at the time? If necessary, we will also do something that violates applicable law and you did not know anything about it. This agreement has existed for decades and is being continued and maintained by whichever government.

The MAD itself is more of a "test case" than the guardian of the constitution

And then there would still be the MAD military intelligence service, which, when it was founded, also became a new home for ex-Nazis and ex-Wehrmacht soldiers. Why does the MAD always only know something when it can no longer be concealed? All "scandals" of the last 30 years have not been exposed by the MAD. One can rather say: The MAD only knew something when the protecting hand had burn blisters:

The Military Counterintelligence Service, which is actually responsible for countering extremism, was also not noticed as an early warning system if one ignored suspected warnings of searches. Instead, the MAD boss said at the end of 2018: There are no right-wing extremist networks in the Bundeswehr. And 2019: there is networking, but no network. This week he spoke of "networks and structures".

Taz comment from July 3rd, 2020

The reason is not a complicated one, but rather a very simple and very comradely one: a largely identical political attitude that cannot recognize "right-wing extremist" tendencies as such, let alone consider them to be "unconstitutional". That is why all KSK members easily passed the tests carried out by the MAD for their loyalty to the constitution.

This decidedly anti-constitutional view also includes the collaboration with other friendly secret services in connection with completely illegal surveillance practices that became public in the course of the Snowden revelations.

Completely guilty

Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer said the following about the KSK:

The clear signal is: Whoever identifies grievances helps to eliminate them. Those who remain silent are part of the problem and complicit.

Kramp-Karrenbauer in an interview with Focus Online on June 15, 2020
  • So whoever is silent is hiding the fact that the parliamentary control bodies have done everything to ensure that control fails,
  • those who keep silent about the fact that numerous secret operations of the KSK are acts of war for which there is no case of defense,
  • who does not mention that the military counterintelligence service (MAD) is involved in a global surveillance system with the knowledge and support of all government parties,
  • who is silent about the fact that the MAD is involved in a war from Turkey that wants to force a "regime change" in Syria,
  • those who keep silent about the fact that these permanently anti-constitutional acts create a network of mutual compromise that "obliges" all those involved to remain silent,
  • whoever hides all of this ... is complicit.

Even without Nazi tattoos on the calves of KSK members, war crimes are war crimes.

Wolf Wetzel published the book on the subject: "War is Peace. Via Baghdad, Strebrenica, Genoa, Kabul to ...", Unrast Verlag 2002. See also by the author: The NATO war against Yugoslavia 1999.

(Wolf Wetzel)

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