Why is Ultimate Frisbee good to play

Both teams stand along their end zone.
The defending team throws the disc as far into the opposing field as possible. The attacking team begins its play where the disc touches the ground or sails over the sideline.Walking with the frisbee is not allowed.
Passing is the only way to get the disc forward.A running player / catcher may of course stop (max. Three steps).Pike while catching is allowed (but be careful!).
The thrower may take a star step (moving one foot when the other foot is on the ground).The target changes if it is caught by the opposing team, touches the ground or sails out of bounds.

(Addition: Target possession also occurs if the target is knocked to the ground by the opposing team. So simply every case of a pass that is not completed within a team Pass within a team is caught or not.

At least 1 m distance to the thrower keep!Points are scored when the disc is in the end zone the opposing team is caught (1 point). You must not run into the end zone to score with the target (not even when stopping).If a catcher gets outside of the outlines when stopping, he may continue play on the outline, provided he has caught the disc before the line. With star stride, the thrower may also place "the free leg" outside the boundaries of the playing field.If a defending player intercepts the disc in his end zone, he begins his team's play at the points line.Fair play
The players regulate the game themselves.
Body contact and hindrances (jostling, pushing, etc.) are prohibited!Ultimate - game without a referee


Each player is also the referee and indicates a foul in which he is involved by raising his arm. Then the game will stop. If you agree on a foul, the disc is handed over to the defenders, if you agree on "no foul" the attackers keep the disc. Then the game continues.