Who is Billy Ray Cyrus' son

Billy Ray Cyrus: The Sham Saint

Billy Ray Cyrus likes to be the super dad. But his son Christopher, whom he had so far kept secret, shakes this picture

Of course he is a believer. A lot.

The Catholic Billy Ray Cyrus prays several times a day, alone or with his children, including teenage star Miley Cyrus. The country singer likes to present himself as a nice, quiet guy from next door; as the perfect father who puts the family first. And for whom Christian values ​​still count.

It is all the more embarrassing for the god-fearing 47-year-old that a teenager named Christopher Cyrus has spoken out. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas, is 17 years old and does not speak well of his producer - Billy Ray: "Daddy is actually hardly interested in me," he told the Daily Mirror. Not even on his birthday on April 8th: phone call, postcard or even a present? Again nil! And when he sent Dad a long Christmas text message in 2008, Christopher only got a succinct answer in early January: "Hey boy, haven't heard from you for a long time. Where have you been hanging around?"

It is true that multimillionaire Cyrus pays alimony for his offspring; the money is not enough in front and behind, which is why the high school student has to work in an electronics store for the equivalent of five and a half euros an hour.

Christopher's mother Kristin Luckey also gets in a bad mood pretty quickly when she talks about her ex. The ended the relationship in 1992, shortly after Christopher's birth, namely in an unattractive way. "Billy said on a TV show that he had become the father of a boy - and that another baby was already on the way," says the 39-year-old. "That's how I found out about his new girlfriend, Tish, and that she was pregnant with Miley. You can imagine my jaw dropping!"

Sure we can. And given these piquant details, one wonders how Cyrus (who originally gave Miley the name Destiny Hope "because it is her destiny to bring hope to the world") reconciles this with his piety and fear of God so obtrusive.

Christopher Cyrus himself has remained astonishingly relaxed despite everything and currently only wants one thing: more contact with his dad and his five half-siblings and step-siblings. He has only met his half-sister Miley a few times in the past ten years. And that despite the fact that on the occasion of the "Hannah Montana" cinema premiere she repeatedly emphasized that her own family was "the most important thing in life" for her. So it seems quite strange that she has never mentioned Christopher publicly until today.

Instead, the 16-year-old prefers to quote Bible verses from the New Testament in interviews without being asked and, to the delight of all conservative Americans, says the honest girl: "I take virginity into marriage. I was brought up in a Christian family." Papa did a great job there. Amen.