How did Hannah Montana reveal herself

Hannah Montana

Season 1, episodes 14-26

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  • 14. The Famous New Kid In School

    Miley's class is totally excited: Jake Ryan, the star of a television series in which he plays a zombie hunter, becomes their new classmate. He is besieged and adored by everyone. Even Tony, the caretaker, and one of the teachers, Mr. Corelli, cooked him an extra sausage. When Miley sits at school with a growling stomach while Jake is served a sumptuous breakfast in the classroom, her collar bursts. She tells a reporter that she is Hannah Montana. (Text: Premiere)

  • 15.Never kiss a zombie (More Than A Zombie To Me)

    Series star Jake is raved about. Lilly, in particular, is into him. Miley can't understand that. She finds Jake obnoxious. When her "alter ego" Hannah Montana is offered a role in Jake's "Zombie High School" series, she accepts the challenge. And then it happens. Miley has to kiss Jake and falls in love with him ... (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 16. Visit from Aunt Dolly (Good Golly, Miss Dolly)

    Miley's aunt Dolly is visiting. When Miley confesses that she has a crush on Jake, the video camera is accidentally on. To make matters worse, this tape ends up in Jake's hands. But Dolly already has an idea how to get back on the tape. The real problem is not over yet: Miley's secret love. And when she tries to reveal her feelings to Jake, she seems to be late. (Text: Premiere)

  • 17. The Torn Between Two Hannahs on Halloween

    Cousin Luann, of all people, comes to visit. Although the two girls look very similar, they hate each other. Miley suspects that her cousin is still jealous of her and wants to cause trouble. In fact, Luann is up to evil. She wants to reveal Miley's secret at a party. Miley can't let that happen. (Text: SF)

  • 18. A lesson for Miley (People Who Use People)

    Miley tries to make Jake jealous of a senior high school student. Unfortunately, it turns out that he is just about to finish elementary school. In the meantime, Jackson wants to pair his father with his teacher Miss Kunkle. He hopes that this will give him better grades. (Text: Premiere)

  • 19.Guilt For Free (Money For Nothing, Guilt For Free)

    Again, the school is collecting for charity. Whoever gets the most money together gets a day off from school as a reward. Lilly, Miley and Oliver form a team and above all want to prevent the arrogant last year's winners Amber and Ashley from taking first place again. Because the women had only cashed in heavily from their rich fathers. Miley collects as Hannah and gets tons of donations. Are they enough? (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 20.Credit cards for beginners (Debt It Be)

    When Robbie gave his children their own credit cards, he only thought of emergencies. Miley knows this, but she goes shopping with the card. And overstep your limit. Now she urgently needs money. Without further ado, she sells Hannah Montana things. Including very valuable earrings. When the initial shock is over, Miley and Lilly try to get the earrings back. (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 21. Strange Couples (My Boyfriend’s Jackson And There’s Gonna Be Trouble)

    Hannah is feeling more and more what it means to be a star. They are constantly following reporters and photographers. One secretly snaps a picture of her and Jackson that the press thinks is Hannah's boyfriend. The photo will be printed in the newspaper. Hannah aka Miley wants to clarify things, but suddenly Jackson takes a liking to his new role. (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 22. Jackson's New Job (We Are Family - Now Get Me Some Water!)

    It is Miley's fault that Jackson loses his job with Rico. To make up for that, she hires him as Hannah Montana's personal assistant. Oliver gets Jackson's old job, but loses it again just as quickly. Because Miley has promised Rico to go to a ball with him if Jackson gets his old job back in return. (Text: Premiere)

  • 23. Roxy intervenes (Schooly Bully)

    There is a new addition to the school. A girl named Geezer. She's not nice or popular and makes life difficult for Miley and Lilly. Miley can hardly fight back. That calls her bodyguard Roxy on the scene. Roxy gives geeks a treat. Lo and behold, suddenly Miley and Lilly have their peace and quiet. On the other hand, Roxy's commitment has a few unpleasant side effects. (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 24. Always Trouble With Amber (The Idol Side Of Me)

    Amber and Ashley aren't exactly Lilly and Miley's best friends. When Amber's and Ashley's “Cool List” appears, the hated classmates land in the bottom of the list. But then there is a chance for revenge for Miley alias Hannah Montana. Because Amber is applying for a role on the TV show "Singing with the Stars". Hannah appears there as a star guest. And can Amber now wipe one out ... (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 25.Smells Like Teen Sellout

    Hannah Montana is the new advertising face for a fragrance. In reality, Miley aka Hannah doesn't like the smell of the perfume at all. It even makes her sick. She would love to end the deal. But when the cosmetics company gives her a car, she changes her plans and continues to advertise. But then she has to appear in a TV show - and gossips ... (Text: SuperRTL)

  • 26. The Bet (Bad Moose Rising)

    Robby has a cold. Jackson is annoyed that he has to drive his sister Miley around again because of it. He bets her about his driving services that she won't be able to take care of Dontzig's niece for a day. It's going to be a tough day for Miley. But Robby also has a hard time: Roxy, Hannah Montana's resolute bodyguard, subjects him to a horse cure. (Text: Premiere)