What can be mysterious about geoscience?

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05.11.2020, 17.00-17.30Dr. Christopher Hamann, Museum of Natural History Berlin (DMG)Mineralogy under high pressure: Insights into everyday work in a research museum12.11.2020, 17.00-17.30Dr. Christian Bücker (DGG)Geophysics and derricks - the work of a geophysicist in science, industry and society19.11.2020, 17.00-17.30Dr. Volker Steinbach, BGR (DGGV)Areas of activity in the BGR (lecture as pdf)26.11.2020, 17.00-17.30Prof. Hans Kerp, University of Münster (PalGes)The work of a paleontologist in science and insight into the paleontologist scene03.12.2020 17.00-17.30Dr. Christopher Giehl (DMG)Mineralogy and its diverse applications in research and development10.12.2020 17.00-17.30Maximilian Haas, CERN (DGG)Unraveling the mysteries of physics using geophysics: construction of the next particle accelerator at CERN07.01.2021 17.00-17.30Dr. Rouwen Lehné, Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (DGGV)State geology - in the multi-dimensional arc of tension between research and administration14.01.2021 17.00-17.30Dr. Andreas Huebner (FID Geo)

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21.01.2021 17.00-17.30Dr. Vanessa Roden (PalGes)Occupational fields in paleontology28.01.2020 17.00-18.00Dr. Andreas Huebner (FID Geo)Publication of research data in the geosciences